Your Councillors: Churchfields

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 10.45.20Pictured left to right: Councillors Rosa Gomez, Lloyd Duddridge and Guy Williams

Rosa Gomez, Lloyd Duddridge and Guy Williams were all elected as Labour councillors for Churchfields in May. Here are their ambitions for the ward over the next four years

First and foremost, we would like to thank everybody who entrusted us with their vote. Churchfields had the highest turnout in the whole of London (46%) because residents want to see local issues being addressed.

We are honoured to serve as your councillors, however you voted, and we will make the case for Woodford at the top table on Redbridge Council. We will focus on the issues you have asked us to prioritise.

We have spoken to thousands of residents over several years. Rosa has held fortnightly surgeries since her election in 2018, and Lloyd and Guy are long-standing campaigners in Woodford and across the borough. Issues like policing, housing, traffic and our local environment come up time and again.

Redbridge’s Labour-led council is bringing an enforcement hub to Churchfields, which is great news! We will push for the highest possible police presence there, as visible uniforms are the best deterrent. We also want to see the Orchard Estate benefit from an on-site housing officer to address residents’ issues quickly and effectively.

There are road issues across the ward and local views need to be central to addressing them. Traffic management in the Church End Triangle needs to be overhauled in consultation with residents, with resurfacing there and on the High Road urgently required. On Maybank Road, visibility at the A406 junction must be improved and speed restrictions enforced. Road markings outside Churchfields Junior School are being modified to improve safety with camera enforcement planned too. The nearby cameras on Cavendish Avenue and Fairlawn Drive are only supposed to deter through traffic, not to penalise residents, so we will seek an exemption for addresses in the immediate area.

We will prioritise environmental issues, including planning, air quality, children’s play areas and parks. We will champion our beautiful green spaces, upgrade air quality monitoring and find a long-term resolution for Elmhurst Gardens. People from across Woodford use the community sports ground at Ashtons, with many young residents involved in youth football, athletics or hockey. We brought Woodford Town FC back home, and we will push for a long lease for the club to secure the financial future of Ashtons.

Thank you again for putting your faith in us. We will be regularly knocking on doors across the ward, so you will see us back on your doorstep soon. We also have surgeries on the first Saturday and third Tuesday of the month (11am to 12 noon) at Woodford Green Library, so do drop in if you need help with anything.

For local councillor contact details, visit swvg.co.uk/councillors