Redbridge Liberal Democrats launch Elmhurst Gardens petition


Redbridge Liberal Democrats has launched a petition demanding the local community have a say in the future of the former bowls club in Elmhurst Gardens.

“Following the closure of the Bowling Club in Elmhurst Gardens, the council’s leisure agency (Vision) has been considering what to do with it. The Friends of Elmhurst Gardens have made some suggestions and some members of the public have commented to them, about a future use which could include such things as a nursery and a community café. We understand that Vision are now considering some bids – but no-one knows what they are for nor how they will be assessed. We have heard rumours that at least one bid would result in at least part of the site being turned into office accommodation. The danger is that the bid that offers them most money to Vision will be successful regardless of what local people want. We oppose the secrecy and lack of public involvement in this process,” said a Redbridge Liberal Democrat spokesperson.

Gwyneth Deakins, Chair of Redbridge Liberal Democrats and a local resident added: “It is typical of this Labour Council to not even consider how this valuable piece of green space can be used. The local community have made some sensible suggestions on alternative uses of the area and they should not be ignored. It is entirely wrong to operate in this secretive way.”

The petition demands that the local community have a say in the award of the contract for the use of the bowls club and that community use is prioritised.


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  • I for one am very sad to see the South Woodford BC closing down. I joined and first started bowling there in 1985. I left in the late eightees due to moving away. It was a very friendly club and they made me feel most welcome.
    Whatever you decide to do with the space left by the sad loss of the bowls club. I think it would be a nice gesture to have a brass plaque reminding people that the South Woodford BC once stood there for many years.
    Kevin Jackson

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