If you are a business which is based in South Woodford or has a presence in the local community, then we can help you get your message across to our readers. Scroll down to view a breakdown of the publication and advertising options, or click here to download a PDF.

Publication stats…

Circulation: 12,000

  • Of all the copies printed, the distribution is broken down as follows:
  • 11,000 copies are delivered for free to homes across the E18 postcode region and beyond.
  • 900 copies are distributed from our display stands in local shops and community venues.
  • 100 extra copies are posted to advertisers and other interested parties.

Size and format: A5, full colour

  • Printed on high quality 100gsm glossy paper (200gsm covers).

Frequency: every other month

  • Published and distributed on or around the first weekend of every other month.

Key Feature: index

  • Every advertiser is listed in the index of the magazine, giving readers easy access to all the services promoted.

Why advertising with us works…

  1. TARGETED: The South Woodford Village Gazette is a truly local publication and, having been published every other month since February 1992, it is a well established local resource. There is strong evidence that local services are preferred by the majority of the UK population, so if you run a local business, or you are targeting potential customers in the local area, then we provide the ideal platform for your message.
  2. LONGEVITY: The South Woodford Village Gazette has a very high standard of production and print quality. It is produced on heavyweight glossy paper, which ensures its longevity and creates a high perceived value for our readership, meaning it will not be discarded after the initial read. People keep it as a reference for the whole month and, in many cases, for longer. This – combined with the index of advertisers – gives your business immediacy of access when your services are required.
  3. AFFORDABLE: The South Woodford Village Gazette represents excellent value for money if your target market includes the residents of South Woodford. Our advertising prices are a fraction of many other publications – which tend to cover larger regions and therefore may include readers outside of your catchment area – which makes our publication ideal for all businesses, regardless of your marketing budget.
  4. POTENTIAL: South Woodford is filled with affluent commuter families and the population of the area is virtually all A’s, B’s and C1’s. By promoting yourself in the South Woodford Village Gazette you are targeting potential customers who, on average, have a high disposable income compared to the rest of Redbridge. New residents are also moving to the area every week and we offer the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of these new potential customers.

Advertising options and rates…

Click here to download our advertising rate card.

Book your place in the magazine…

We would be happy to discuss your advertising needs and help design and create an advert for you if needed. Contact us for more information and to book your place in our next issue.