Improve your high street

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Redbridge Council is seeking community input on how to improve high streets across the borough.

“We want to hear your views about cost-effective, high-impact changes that will create welcoming, safe and attractive high streets, improving the shopping experience for all… We are keen to work with you to improve our high streets and will consider all the responses we receive,” said a spokesperson.


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  • We have lived in George lane area for 34 year and I shop locally Waitrose Sainsbury’s and Marks Spencer and one of the things that has brought down George lane has been the signage and awning of the International supermarket lived in Walthamstow growing up and 3 year ago I was at the bottom of high street Walthamstow and could not believe my eyes there is International supermarket there that looks like something you would see in South Kensington I did send photos to South Woodford society at the time I love George lane but I really think that that it make the the place look run down the owner makes a lot of money there all it needs is nice sign and awning would make all the difference I am very pleased to see that a organic shop is coming in George lane Christine Collins

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