Plans come to fruition: trees to be ordered for community orchard and forest garden

Acr61743316517824-451026Artist’s impression of the orchard and forest garden. Courtesy of native north architects

Consultation and planning work for a community orchard in South Woodford has begun, following Redbridge Council’s agreement to fund the project.

“We have been choosing trees and deciding what will go where, after which we will firm up on the plans and order the trees,” said Pearl Arbenser-Simmonds of the South Woodford Society.

The physical work of clearing the site – a strip of land alongside the flyover on Mulberry Way and Primrose Road – and planting the new trees is expected to begin before the end of November, and volunteers are sought to take part in this phase. Plans have also been put forward to incorporate a forest garden within the orchard.

“We would actively encourage all residents who would like to be involved with this project to get in touch.”


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