The-Shrubbery-1940-bombingBombing of The Shrubbery in Grosvenor Road in September 1940

Building history

In the first of two articles, Dr Colin Runeckles discusses his findings following research into a Wanstead and Woodford Borough Council building survey carried out in 1949

93507320-1BB2-4BDC-ACE8-44A61219B734©Geoff Wilkinson

Floating ideas

Rising at Molehill Green in Essex, the River Roding passes through the Wanstead and Woodford area en route to the Thames, bringing with it a very real flood risk to local

IMG_0476The Crabtree family are creating raised vegetable beds in their garden on Overton Drive

Seeds of hope

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is good for the environment and, during these times of isolation, it’s good for the soul as well, says Jennifer Hawkes of Wanstead Climate


Every neighbour helps

As a part-time Tesco delivery driver, Alex Hanford has found himself escalated to key worker status during the current crisis. And, having only recently moved to South Woodford, has found a