A magical gift

Boy-and-Santa-(3)©Alison Stenhouse

From seascapes to The Shard, South Woodford resident Alison Stenhouse is a gifted artist with a diverse portfolio… which now also includes Santa

I am a local artist and have lived in South Woodford for more than 30 years. I have had work exhibited in central London galleries and in local group shows, shops and cafes. I enjoy creating many kinds of 2D artwork using acrylics, pastels, pencils and wood engraving.

I draw on location, mainly using pastels, and attend a life-drawing class, but also work from photographs I have taken. My subjects are local scenes, forests, seascapes, skies, still life and people. Depending on my mood, my style varies from small, detailed realistic paintings to larger impressionistic or semi-abstract work.

Light, contrast and bold colours appeal to me. Recently, I made a series of paintings of The Shard and the River Thames. These are large canvases and depict scenes at different times of day and night. Another subject has been Epping Forest, with light coming through the trees.  I have done both paintings and black and white wood engravings.

The painting featured here, in acrylic on canvas, is based on a photograph taken when my friend’s grandson went to see Santa last year – I have tried to capture the essence of that special moment.

I belong to local art groups Woodford Arts Group, Art Group Wanstead and Essex Art Club. It is good to connect with others and to be inspired by what they are creating. This year, of course, it has been difficult to show work at local venues. Woodford Arts Group, however, had the good idea of having an online exhibition called Travellers’ Tales, with artwork that took us away from lockdown.

To contact Alison, email: alison_stenhouse@btinternet.com

Woodford Arts Group (www.woodfordartsgroup.org)
Art Group Wanstead (artgroupwanstead.com )
Essex Art Club (www.arctotis.net/essexartclub.co.uk)

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