In the first of a series of articles aiming to spread positivity, South Woodford resident and mindset and confidence coach Nicky Kentisbeer explains what you can be certain of in these uncertain times

Having spent so much time in our own good company, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves over the last six months, haven’t we?

We’ve found amazing new ways to do the things we’ve needed to do and it’s been a journey of discovery. A time to really get to know ourselves.

It’s also been a rare period of time that’s left us wondering more about what makes us tick. We’ve found ourselves doing the things that we’ve always wanted to and we’ve talked of the joy we’ve found in slowing down. We’ve appreciated the simplicity of life.

We’ve had to dig deep to keep on the right side of positivity at times too, haven’t we? Working our way through our entire back catalogue of emotions – often during the course of the same day.

There have been days when our positivity has soared in the face of adversity. And gorgeous moments when our hearts have sung with joy at the simplest of kind gestures. Alongside that, we have all experienced pain.

The most genteel of folk have chastised us – often for doing what they themselves may have done, just the day before. And at the same time, we’ve been humbled by how those with very little have gifted us with their kind words and manners. The greatest gift of all.

We stood ready to crush our own grapes and knit our own yoghurt upon discovering that the shelves were indeed empty. And we’ve all cracked on. Our resilience has shown itself – often in our darkest hours.

We even got a bit comfy too, didn’t we?

Yet, for as long as there is sod and a law, the whistle will always blow and someone yells ‘all change’ again. And no matter who we are, we are now moving through our own version of how the uncertainty of change might look for us again. In order to do this, we need to access those very strengths and resources we’ve already deployed so skilfully. Perhaps without realising. And in the same way that we’ve commended the marvellous resilience of those who have shown up for us, it’s also time to remind ourselves we too have demonstrated that very same resilience.

We often overlook our own capabilities. Indeed, at times like this, it’s easy to compare our efforts with those of others and use what ‘we haven’t done’ as a stick to beat ourselves with.

But, if you look hard enough, you will realise your stockpile of resources has added up to be more than plenty for you and yours. They have served you well and will continue to do so.

During times of uncertainty, it is of this that you can be sure.

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