‘Classic and a Cuppa’: classic car community gathers in South Woodford car park


Local owners of classic cars and motorcycles came together at Derby Road car park in June. The social gathering – which saw 26 different vehicles take part – is now set to become a regular event.

“The plan was to gather for two hours on a Sunday morning and the only instructions were to bring along a classic car and grab a cuppa… During the weeks running up to the event, flyers were printed and placed on classic cars parked in the area. With the aid of social media, the only thing left to do was to see what would happen. By the 10am start time, the first four cars were parked up. Every time I looked up, another car arrived, followed by another and another,” said Gary Zylberszac, who organised the event. “The oldest vehicle was a 1943 James Auto Cycle and each of the next five decades of motoring were all represented too… Thank you to everyone who turned up, with or without a car, for an awesome couple of hours!” The next gathering is planned for 11 August.