General Election 2024News

Chris Brody: (Independent, formerly Green Party)


Parliamentary candidate for Chingford & Woodford Green

Please note: the Green Party has since suspended this candidate following the discovery of an inappropriate blog post. “‘As Chris has now been suspended, he will no longer be able to campaign for the Green Party at this election and will receive no further support, other than pastoral support, from the party,” said a spokesperson. As the suspension happened after the candidate nominations period closed, his name is still expected to be on the ballot paper.

A long-time activist for peace, equality, environment and justice, my top priority is electoral system reform so every vote counts equally in future elections. I also aim to properly fund the NHS, ensuring free and timely access to healthcare for all; make housing more available, affordable and safe; improve our water quality by ending sewage dumping; raise living standards and reduce inequalities by taxing the very richest; improve access to nature and protect our shared environment.