Queen Quieeran


South Woodford resident Kieran Pruett has been named Graduate Talent of the Year by Fashion Crossover London. As a proud non-binary, deformed individual, Kieran is not only eradicating their insecurities, but using them as inspiration for their designs

It feels wonderful to be recognised for my design work. My graduate collection entitled Deformed Beauty is something I’m so incredibly proud of as it is such an encapsulation of me as a person and as a designer.

More specifically, as a trans designer, it feels euphoric to be highlighted and platformed, particularly as my community is repeatedly being misrepresented and, frankly, disparaged in the media. On top of that, trans representation in the industry is still lacking, so it feels right to be a part of the slow change whereby marginalised communities are finally being showcased. This is a change I wish to see much more of to create a more inclusive and rich industry.

My creative practice is a true embodiment of my personal style and my identity. I am a proud non-binary, deformed individual who as an artist and designer wishes to eradicate my insecurities and use them as inspiration for my work. I am drawn to flamboyance, regality and fun and I desire to create garments that exude those qualities. With my graduate collection, I wished to change the narrative of how I feel about myself by romanticising my pain regarding my deformity and my transness. Through my print work featuring my own self-portraiture, I have created artistic and personal designs that possess a euphoric energy. Additionally, through excessive ruffles and bold silhouettes, I have constructed garments that make people feel like their most unapologetic selves. In essence, my work is devoted to my younger self, my community and to those who have ever felt alienated or rejected by society: it’s all for you.

For my influences, in terms of silhouette and style, I look to the great monarchs of the past who dressed in such grandeur and elegance that regrettably is not prevalent today. My brand name being Queen Quieeran, researching royalty feels like an appropriate and thoughtful choice. Henceforth, I want my work to consistently exude a sense of luxury, regality and extravagance. To gain authenticity when creating new designs, I look to my own clothing for inspiration. I love the idea of taking garments from my own wardrobe and draping them in unique ways to create something new. In doing so, I can create unexpected silhouettes that embody my personal style. This experimentation is integral to my work and is used throughout my design process to ensure the joy of dressing-up and draping remains. 

In terms of my print work, I took inspiration from Francis Bacon, whose distorted portraits really resonate with me. I love the idea of taking something I perceived as ugly and turning it into something beautiful. Therefore, I adore creating vivid prints that showcase my self-portraiture, and in doing so, I am changing the way I feel about myself.

Another notable inspiration would be the trans community. I am heavily inspired by my community’s resilience to be their authentic selves in the face of adversity. Collectively, they are the reason I had the courage to embrace and be my authentic self. 

My experience at Middlesex University was one I’m very thankful for. What I love most about the fashion department at Middlesex is that nothing is ever off-limits or too outrageous to try out. They truly allow you to reach your potential and I’m so grateful to the team there for pushing me to create more than I ever thought I was capable of. When I was at school, I was often underestimated; therefore, I feel lucky to have had a university experience that truly developed my skills. On top of that, it was really liberating to be in a space where my growth as a designer and as a person was encouraged and welcomed. Additionally, as a trans person, I felt truly safe to be who I am. Admittedly, I was quite nervous before embarking on my degree as I heard how toxic some fashion courses can be. Middlesex, thankfully, was a safe space for all students where my classmates gladly embraced each other’s creations and successes.

To view more of Kieran’s work, follow them on Instagram @queenquieeran