Fight against Crescent Road development continues as planning decision is delayed

IMG_7724Crescent Road

Residents are continuing their fight to stop the proposed construction of a four-storey block of flats adjacent to – and with access to – Crescent Road in South Woodford.

A decision on City Plumbing Ltd’s planning application was originally due in February this year, but this has now been delayed until 30 September at the earliest. If approved, the development will include 18 residential units. “We will not let up in our campaign to stop this from taking place. City Plumbing Ltd has already shown its contempt for residents by destroying part of the green corridor between Crescent Road and the Raven Road Industrial Estate… We hope and expect the council to respect the rules set out in their planning regulations and reject this application,” said Terry Rumak of the Save Crescent Road Action Group.


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