Blossoming art

1blossoming-tree©Alison Stenhouse

Artist Alison Stenhouse – who has been inspired by the blossoming trees of Wanstead and South Woodford – introduces her fellow Woodford Arts Group members, who will all be taking part in a late-spring exhibition at Packfords Hotel (restrictions pending)

Woodford Arts Group is an artist collective who use different media to produce a variety of styles of visual art. Between us, our members have significant experience in many fields of art.

Terry Rumak is from a fashion and textiles background and paints geometric patterns.

Ged Rumak worked in design and now paints in oils; still life and landscapes.

Julia Brett paints in acrylics, but has more recently been experimenting with printmaking, etching and aquatint, among many techniques; landscapes and flowers.

Shelagh French and Sue Mayne love nearby Epping Forest, which often features in their atmospheric paintings, as well as other landscapes.

Emma Liebeskind is continually exploring new techniques, keeping to her principles of sustainability to represent natural forms.

John Rowlands uses metal to convey ideas, many figurative, in sculpture.

Amanda Whittle loves colour and pattern and uses mosaic as her medium.

David Varney uses resin to create shiny works of trees, leaves and butterflies.

Darren Evan’s watercolours are often of architecture, ranging from an illustration of a single building to a whole famous view of London’s skyline.

Hannah Varney and Cheryl Gabriel use photography to convey nature and people.

And I enjoy landscapes, seascapes and people, depicting them in acrylics, wood engraving and pastel. Pastel was used for the work presented here.

Creativity has been a good distraction from the strange times we have been going through, and members of the group have still managed outdoor sketching, photography and painting or printing at home. They have kept in touch with each other via WhatsApp, Instagram and email, and look forward to meeting soon.

Last year, due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to have an exhibition at Packfords Hotel, but instead displayed an online exhibition. However, this year we plan to go ahead at the hotel once again and it should prove an interesting mix of art.

Woodford Arts Group is planning to host an exhibition at Packfords Hotel (16 Snakes Lane West, Woodford Green, IG8 0BS) from 31 May to 5 June. For more information, visit swvg.co.uk/wag