South Woodford Society raising funds to install two village signs in local area

signm-2-copyDesign ideas include a tribute to former South Woodford resident and textile designer William Morris

The South Woodford Society is raising funds to erect two village signs in the local area.

“Hopefully, this will make South Woodford a more defined area, create an even better community feel and be good for our businesses… We are applying for funding from various bodies, residents and businesses through the Spacehive crowdfunding platform,” said a spokesperson.

A number of materials are being considered, including traditional wooden signs, as found in Wanstead and Woodford Green – which cost upwards of £10,000 each – and cheaper aluminium signs (the group’s preferred option at around £1,000 each).

“Possible sites include opposite the Railway Bell pub, on the island at the top of George Lane or outside the Co-op, George Lane East.”

Community input will be sought for design ideas.