Editor’s update: June 2020 issue


As the father of two young children, I know only too well the value of having two of everything. One red ball and one blue ball? Arguments will follow. One teddy and one doll? A recipe for chaos. One bag of sweets to share? You get the picture. Sharing may be caring, but kids simply don’t care about that! Sharing is a vital life skill and, like most skills, takes time to master, so continue we must with duplicate toys and treats.

Last month, I asked Wanstead and South Woodford to share this magazine, and I do so again this month. Our way of overcoming the commercial and logistical obstacles imposed by the current crisis. Our way of maintaining our contribution to a united community. Our way of caring.

Of course, I can’t pursue this analogy without juxtaposing my squabbling offspring with the mental image of crowds of Wanstead and Woodford residents tearing this publication in two as they each claim it belongs to them. And I certainly wouldn’t attempt such a crass comparison, not least because there’s only room on the naughty step for two.

But on a (slightly) more serious note, as much as I enjoy the somewhat poetic nature of combining two community publications during these difficult times, I enjoy more the unique identity of our postcode divides. The need for some deadheading of marigolds in E18 and the establishing of a wild flower meadow in E11 are very similar stories, but of very different interest levels depending on where you live. So, as we all continue to adapt to a new normal, please continue to share your sweets for now.

Copies will not be delivered to homes for the time being (visit for an explanation on this decision), but every effort has been made to provide as many residents with a copy as possible, via our network of distribution stands in supermarkets.