South Woodford Society’s Neighbourhood Area and Forum approved by council

L1220517The Shrubberies, South Woodford. ©Geoff Wilkinson

The South Woodford Society’s proposed Neighbourhood Area and Forum – a body to organise the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan, which puts the planning of new developments in the hands of the community – has been approved by Redbridge Council.

During a consultation, comments from the public suggested changes, including removing the Maybank area and the Woodford Trading Estate from the region covered by the plan and adding in Empress Avenue and the Laings Estate. “The Maybank Community Association covers a sizable area and intends to work on its own Neighbourhood Plan application later this year,” said a spokesperson. Councillor Beverly Brewer added: “This is excellent news for South Woodford. Thanks to the hard work of the South Woodford Society, local people now have a great opportunity to influence the future of our local area.”

The next steps in producing the Neighbourhood Plan will be discussed at the South Woodford Society’s AGM on 25 March.