Water refill scheme launched in South Woodford to help reduce plastic use


A nationwide water refill scheme has been launched in South Woodford to help shoppers stay hydrated and to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

“South Woodford is now part of the network set up by Refill, and a number of local businesses have already signed up, including the recently relocated Tipi Coffee (117 George Lane), Atkins Physiotherapy (154 High Road) and Greggs (168 George Lane).  So now, whenever you are out and about in South Woodford, look for the refill droplet logo and you can ask for your water bottle to be refilled,” said Louise Burgess of the South Woodford Society.

By downloading the app, users can search for their nearest refill station wherever they are. “This makes it easy to reduce the number of plastic bottles you need to buy and join the increasing number of people whose individual action will have a global impact. According to the Environmental Audit Committee, seven billion plastic water bottles are used each year in the UK.”