Battling a black hole


Councillor Suzanne Nolan (Conservative, South Woodford) talks about her caseload, her work to get policies changed and her battle against the ‘black hole’ that is the council website

We are living in interesting times, with many long-standing issues continuing to dominate nationally.

However, despite these discussions, life here in South Woodford continues, with residents getting on with their lives, dealing with the important issues that affect their daily activities.

We have continued our work doing walkabouts with officers around South Woodford, knocking on doors, talking to residents, and holding our regular stall in George Lane, discussing local issues with all those who come and talk to us, and replying to the many emails and telephone calls we receive.

There are some common themes continually being raised by residents: how the area is deteriorating with increasing littering and fly-tipping,the poor state of roads with potholes and how, when trying to report it online as the council asks, the reports disappear into a black hole and nothing ever appears to be acted upon.

We continue to act ourselves and pressurise council officers to respond to residents and not leave the reports in a black hole called Redbridge Council website.

If you do have problems, contact us and we will act on your behalf.

There is some good news as well, I’m pleased to say.

The inappropriate planning application to redevelop the Incey Winceys Nursery on Eastwood Close was withdrawn once we had called the application in to be discussed by the full planning committee.

But probably the best news is that the government has provided £350m to build a new hospital on the Whipps Cross site, which serves the residents of South Woodford and will provide a new state-of-the-art hospital. While the scheme is being prepared, the Hospital Trust want to consult with patients and residents about the development and priorities.

Myself and Councillor Michael Duffell will continue to work and speak to residents to help solve problems, raise issues and help to maintain and improve our South Woodford and our neighbourhood. From experience, we know that when we work with residents and local groups that great things can be achieved and that politicians will change policies and listen.

Suzanne is a Conservative councillor for South Woodford ward. Call 07741 892 854 or email suzanne.nolan@redbridge.gov.uk

To complete a questionnaire on the future of Whipps Cross Hospital, visit swvg.co.uk/whippsfuture or email FutureWhipps.BartsHealth@nhs.net

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