Proposed 5G phone mast on Southview Drive: church leader expresses concerns

4815553_dfd7ed07_originalHoly Trinity, South Woodford ©John Salmon

The vicar of Holy Trinity church in South Woodford has quelled rumours that the church is somehow benefitting from the proposed 5G phone mast outside the building.

“The proposed 5G mast on Southview Drive is outside the church site. The church has not been consulted directly about the mast, and we are certainly not in line to benefit financially from its installation. I have contacted the council to note that we, as a near neighbour of the proposed site, were not consulted, and also to remind the council that a preschool meets in our church hall five days a week, and that the scout hut on site provides sessions for children and young people several times a week too. This is in addition to children’s work provided directly by the church,” Rev Abi Todd.