Celebrate Elmer the Elephant’s 30th birthday at South Woodford Library


South Woodford Library will be taking part in the nationwide 30th birthday celebrations for Elmer the Patchwork Elephant this May.

“For 30 years Elmer has stood for accepting who you are and celebrating difference. We are all different… The differences are what make the world so rich. It’s strange, because we humans seem to like difference in other things, in dogs and trees and flowers, but we don’t accept it in people. If people aren’t like us, we don’t accept them. Elmer tried to be like the other elephants, but in the end, he has to be himself,” said author and artist David McKee, who first published Elmer in 1989 and went on to write 39 follow-up titles. Over 8m copies have been sold worldwide.

Elmer Day is on 25 May, with the library offering free elephant-themed craft activities for four- to 12-year-olds and creating Elmer-coloured milk cartons from 11am to 12 noon. Celebrations will also take place at Woodford Green Library from 10.30am.

Call 020 8708 9067