Save our street

Crescent2Crescent Road, South Woodford

Residents of Crescent Road, South Woodford were shocked to discover a developer has plans to build a block of flats opposite their homes on an area currently covered by trees. The Crescent Road Action Group was subsequently formed. Here, group members explain their objections

Crescent Road is one of South Woodford’s hidden gems. It is a delightful no-through road with Victorian terraces on one side and a row of mature trees and other vegetation on the other. The trees and other vegetation are also home to various animals, including bats and hedgehogs.

We were therefore shocked to receive an invitation through their letterbox to attend, at very short notice, an online meeting with City Plumbing Ltd (a business based in Raven Road on the other side of the green corridor). It was clear that City Plumbing were planning to build a block of flats, with entrances onto Crescent Road.

At a packed meeting on 22 September at Mill Grove, which is in Crescent Road, residents unanimously supported the campaign to oppose this unwarranted planning application.

“It was just unbelievable that such an inappropriate development is being planned. Apart from the destruction of the trees (which, itself, should never be allowed), Crescent Road was designed for housing on one side of the road only and developments on the other side are simply not acceptable to us,” said Margaret Watson.

“The proposal hasn’t yet gone to planning and we want it stopped before it ever gets there. City Plumbing should be in no doubt that we will oppose any application every step of the way,” added Alison Hodges.

In addition to the unprecedented destruction of trees and loss of vegetation, the plan will have the following negative impacts on the area:

  • Impact on parking in the street as the 18 flats will have insufficient parking space and there will be less parking available for us existing residents.
  • Impact on already stretched local schools, nurseries and services in the local and surrounding areas.
  • If approved, this is likely to lead to further flats being built on the whole of the commercial area on Raven Road, which will further impact on the trees, parking, local services and transport links.
  • Not in character or keeping with the traditional Victorian and Edwardian red and yellow brick houses currently on the road.

Crescent Road should not be the means of access or parking for a property that is being built on the separate Raven Road business park. If flats are to be built, all access and parking should be provided in the Raven Road business park which has enough space and already has existing access and road capacity for the properties. The Crescent Road residential area should not suffer for the business park owners’ gain.

In the meantime, we are planning our opposition to the proposals. “We want a preservation order put on the trees because their loss anywhere along the road would be unacceptable. We also believe there are legal grounds for preventing the destruction of the trees on City Plumbing’s property and other trees do not even belong to them,” said Ged Rumak.

A petition against the proposals has been launched