Black History Month: Career Management

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Pamela Odukoya of the Woodford Green Speakers Club introduces an event in connection with Black History Month

COVID -19 has led to further unemployment and massive changes in the world of work. This is a time of great uncertainty for the Black and Minority Ethnic community (BAME) and as professionals from this community,  we are keen to support our community to make changes in different areas of their lives, as an example, career planning and financial management. We believe that with access to sound careers guidance they will be able to access a  range of other professions and achieve their potential.

As a result, this will contribute to a change of narrative that currently hinders their progression and financial security.  If we are to continue celebrating Black History Month, we believe now is the time to start developing our future heroes.

Purpose: To empower people from BAME communities to reflect, work together and change their current narrative about careers, their voice and money management.

When:  29 October at 6.30pm -9pm via zoom.

Topics: Career Management,  Your Voice and  Financial Management

Cost: Free

Link to register: rb.gy/56ei3d